Find us if you dare…

350 Anniston Dr, Indianapolis, IN 46227

Help the boys and girls of Southport Little League, proceeds go to the maintenance of the league.

FRIGHT MANOR HAUNTED HOUSE will OPEN this Fall at the Southport Little League at 350 Anniston Drive. 3 haunts for only $22 per person. Scaring since 1982 and one of the best in Indiana. Join us this Fall. Proceeds help the Southport Little League. If you love haunted houses and being scared, you DON'T want to MISS Fright Manor.


3 haunts to terrify you. If you want super duper, fancy props, don’t come here.  If you just want to go thru creepy decorated rooms, dark  hallways, get horribly scared, startled,  play with  the Clowns, run from the chainsaws,  laugh at your friends while they are peeing their pants from FRIGHT, and just have fun, join us at Fright Manor Haunted House.

Murderer’s Revenge  –  Sadistic killers on Death Row, have overpowered the guards.  They seek revenge on those that caught them. They want YOU with  their murderous actions.  There is a dead body in every room.  Your best bet to  escape all of this mayhem, is to stay together and be ready to scream and run.  There are scary people hiding in every room.  Some of the ‘worst of the worst’, are here.  You must be able to run for your life.  

Terror in the Woods

One crisp Fall evening, 4 teenagers decided to find the Abandoned Cabin out in the dark creepy woods.  If walking thru the bushes and trees in the woods isn’t scary enough, wait until you get to the Abandoned Cabin late at night.  They have said a Big Foot monster chases you, Scarecrows with bloody axes, Leaping Wolves, Junkyard Dogs, the Crazy Lady in the kitchen, and the old drunk man with his gun,  plus more.  Their only escape was thru the green grimy swamp.  Is this really a fun way to speed an evening?  Yes, if you love haunted houses  

Hell Bound – With your final journey thru Fright Manor, you must make it thru hell.  Hell is what you think it is.  Satan and his demons in fiery hot heat,  flying dead bodies in coffins, foggy cemeteries, rats, raw meat, awful smells, Vomit, torture, Hell Hounds,  vampires  and more,  await you on your fun adventure.  Please ask for forgiveness in the Fright Manor church, before entering.  Hell is what you think it is at Fright Manor.

Joins us for the horrible scares at Fright Manor Haunted House.  Tell your friends also.  It’s more fun with a group.  The Southport Little League boys and girls, need your help.  Bring your friends and family to visit us this Fall for the scary fun., and maybe, just maybe, they will get so SCARED, they will pee their pants. If you love scary haunted houses, you DON’T want to MISS Fright Manor. muhamuhamuha 



The killer’s on Death Row have escaped.  They want revenge on all that put them there and that means you.

What they found will scare you to death, including a dead body in every room!

4 teenagers decided to look for the Cabin in the Woods.  There were so many monsters chasing them, it truly was Terror in the Woods. 

Will you survive?

Hell Bound – with all of the torture and smells of hell.  This includes demons, Satan, dead bodies, cemeteries horrible torture, rats, vomit, and pain await you.  
Your  screams will live on for eternity…
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