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350 Anniston Dr, Indianapolis, IN 46227

Help the boys and girls of Southport Little League, proceeds go to the maintenance of the league.

Is CLOSED for the 2020 season
Thanks to all that supported us. See you in 2021
All ticket sales are final. No refunds.


3 haunts to terrify you. If you want super duper, fancy decorations, don’t come here.  If you want to get scared, startled, pee your pants, laugh at your friends and just have fun, join us at Fright Manor Haunted House.

Unleashed – 4 teenagers decide  to roam thru the abandoned Manor house late on a crisp Fall evening.   Very scary people inhabit the house and their murderous actions.  There is a dead body in every room.  You must escape thru the cellar even though, the scary people are hiding in every room.  Some of the ‘worst of the worst’, are here.  You must run for your lives.  

Twisted – The most terrifying city on earth.  Nothing is safe or sacred.  From the school house, thru the church of hell or not, they will chase you.  Don’t fall for the fun loving clowns in the circus.  And, heaven help you if you need medical help.  Southport Hospital is NOT the place for an operation.  Things may look safe, but don’t believe it.  Night creatures jumping out and just plain very scary people are here.  You must cling together and pray for safety. 

Psychomanthium – Every town has a creepy cemetery and a legend of a haunted bridge.  Fright Manor is no different.  The eerie dark walk thru the cemetery will remind you of the movie ‘Night of the Living Dead’.   You must cross the Haunted Bridge haunted by the ghostly spirit of Maggie.  Legend has it, that Maggie was coming home late at night.  It was foggy out and has she stepped on the bridge,  a semi and her met and that was it.  If you cross the bridge, you can hear and see the screams of Maggie .  Our ravenous chainsaw monsters may not let you out.  Heaven help all of you that enter…….

Joins us for the fun at Fright Manor Haunted House.  Tell your friends also.  It’s more fun with a group.  The Southport Little League was unable to open this summer due to the virus.  Therefore, they lost income to pay for their bills year round.    We need your help for them this year.  Thanks. 



4 teenagers decide to go thru the abandoned and creepy Manor House…

What they found will scare you to death, including a dead body in every room!

After escaping thru the cellar of the house, they run for help in the city. Instead of getting help, they run into some very scary people that made them run for their lives!

Will you survive?

Every town has a spooky cemetery at the end of the road. But first, they must cross the Haunted Bridge where Maggie met her fate when meeting with a semi…
Her spirit and screams will live on for eternity…
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