The Undead

The Dead become the UnDead.. The muddy and grass filled corpses, come to life in search of human blood. The Demons and dogs from Hell, escape from their cemetery coffins. Satan unleashes your soul in Firey heat of the night.

Stay together and say your prayers, to try and escape their evil clutches.

Scream at South Hollow

Fright Manor brings back this very popular haunted house from the past as part of one of our attractions.  From the dense fog in the swamp, to the outdoor woodsman armed with an ax, to Michael in the house and the wacko clowns in the basement, you must be ready and alert to survive their attacks.  Always one of the best and scariest haunts in Indy, Scream at South Hollow is back and raring to go again. 

You better be raring to go and run for your life. 

Slice and Dice

It is what it is.  Monsters chasing you with power tools, knives and anything sharp.  Blood is everywhere and we hope, it is not YOURS.  Dr. Root Canal feels your tooth pain and it will be gone.  Grinder is ready to spark his way down your throat to your liver and clean everything out.  Our Chainsaw crazies don’t care if you live or DIE.  Slive and Dice is exactly what it means.  
Please don’t wear white clothes as the blood stain is hard to get out.  muhamuhamuha 
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