Frequently Asked Questions

Fright Manor Haunted House is located at the Southport Little League at 350 Anniston Drive, Indianapolis, Indiana 46227. FMHH is a very intense and scary haunt. Fright Manor has proudly been scaring America since 1982. It is the Scariest Place on Earth. If you love haunted houses and being scared, you DON’T want to MISS Fright Manor Haunted House.

You can get that information under ‘Hours and Dates‘ above.

You can order tickets online or at the booth. We take cash, credit and debit cards.

Fright Manor is very intense in scaring, so Fright Manor is not recommended for scared youngsters.

Pregnant women, those with heart problems and other illnesses, are preferred not to enter.

All ticket sales are final.  There are NO REFUNDS for any reason.

Please watch our Facebook Page for games and deals. 

Fright Manor is always concerned for our customer’s safety.

We ask that each customer follow the local government’s regulations concerning the COVID-19..

Hand sanitizer will be available for our customers. We ask, that if you are ill or don’t feel well, that you stay home.   High contact areas and bath rooms, will be sanitized and cleaned.

No, all sales are final.  Once you purchase your ticket, there are NO REFUNDS.  If you get so scared you must exit, like the first room, that shows that Fright Manor did it’s job of scaring.  Again, all sales are final and there are NO REFUNDS.  Thanks. 

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